Tokyo Calling Reclaimed

TC-ReduxEvery October, for the past five or six years, a bittersweet cloud of nostalgia falls over my head. That’s because I began podcasting nine years ago this week. Over the course of four and a half years and more than 100 audio episodes, I experimented with sound, storytelling, and personal reflection. It was exciting to discover that an everyday nobody could reach out and find an audience willing to listen to his half-baked ideas and semi-coherent flights of fancy. The experience was a chance to learn a little bit about how the internet can work.

It also provided a chance to open up on a personal level – with strangers – to a level that I’d never have dreamed of doing in person. And this I suppose is the reason for the bittersweet nostalgia. This is the reason why the podcast ended abruptly and why the mp3s were pulled, as best they could be, from the web. And ultimately, this is the reason why those mp3s have remained in a folder on hard drive unplayed and unheard year after year.

But something feels different this time around. It probably has to do with all of the talk I’ve heard recently about reclaiming one’s place on the web and ownership of one’s creative output. There’s a sudden imperative sense that the product of years of effort, excitement and pain that have been buried in a digital cold-storage need to re-released in some form.

The purpose of this post, then, is to announce that a project is now underway to examine and preserve portions of the Tokyo Calling archive on the Scottlo Radio Blog. I’ll be talking about this project as well as sharing old clips and reflections from nine years ago on this week’s BluePhase transmissions on Monday, October 21 and Friday, October 27th at the usual time on ds106radio.


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Calling Reclaimed

  1. Hi Scott,
    I found Tokyo Calling around episode 60, and it provided many interesting and thought provoking stories on my commute into work. Sadly I missed the first half of the project but would love the chance to catch up with some of the early episodes. I doubt you will have time to repost the whole website but selected episodes or highlights would be great to hear.

    At present, still subscribed and listening to the Blue Phase.

  2. Tokyo Calling on CD please!

    - Karamoon
    ps. I hope you’ll be selling Tokyo Calling stickers, mousepads and T-shirts too.

  3. Dear Scott,
    Tokyo Calling is truly unique. An internet gem. I’m really glad that you’ve decided to share this part of internet history with the world. Believe it or not, though I listened for years, I only have one episode in my iTunes library. I will be nice to revisit some of the old episodes now that they are available. I think it would be cool if you released the whole volume on a cd or dvd – but that’s just me. All the best. Geoff.

  4. Your podcast was one of, if not the, first I ever listened to, perhaps sometime in early 2005.

    It gave a fascinating peek into a strange foreign land from an everyday person’s perspective. I get nostalgic for the early days of podcasting as well, even if only as a consumer.

  5. Wow, I finally Googled you, after writing to your old gmail. Shades of Talkshoe and Tokyo Calling Tokyo. Apparently you are no longer there. All the best


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