Time’s Up

 It seemed like such an easy idea upon waking up this morning. Knock out a quick little Triple Troll Quote and I’d be back on my way with the blogging project. The alternative would have been to write one of those hand wringing mea culpa posts of apology for not being more dutiful with the writing and stuff.

The lyric from The Chambers Brothers’ Time has Come Today was an instant and obvious choice for the quote. Though the past several weeks have been full of turmoil and toil, there’s also been a great deal of creative exploration and research that are sweetly and imperatively alluded to as “things to realize.” But to complete the Triple Troll Quote assignment, one also needs an image and author to falsely attribute the quote to. And there must be thematic connection between all three characters of the TTQ – in this case band names with the word brothers.

The first choice for a Mills Brothers image was from the wikipedia entry but I was unable to get the text to display properly on the unevenly lit portion of the stage where it seemed to fit best. Fortunately the Google image search also revealed a recent post from …With Both Hands  from which the picture above was grabbed. In GIMP, a couple of hundred pixels were added to the canvas size at the bottom which was filled in with a black background to make room for the white text.

The font is called Anderson Stingray and was designed by Steve Ferrera and was found at Da Font. In retrospect, I think Ferrera’s Market Deco would have been a better match with the mood and era of the photograph.

Not much to say about the Doobie Brothers except that if I hadn’t been able to get the Mills Brothers image I’d have used this poster from their Jesus is Just Alright world tour.

In fact, the only reason I used them to complete the TTQ instead of The Everly Brothers, The Flying Karamazov Brothers, The Righteous Brothers or The Brothers Four was that China Grove recently popped up on my iPod in shuffle mode and I  haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

I’d like to be able to say that there is some deeper level of significance to this blog post. I had expected it to take less than an hour to pull all the elements together and publish this entry. That was several hours ago. As so often happens when getting involved with these ds106 assignments, a string of trails and connections are made that cause a rush of memories and emotions and branch off in unanticipated directions. And also it’s helped me to pick myself up and get back in the race.

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  1. Scottlo is just alriight with me, Scottlo is just alright,
    I don’t care what they don’t blog, I don’t care what they don’t tweet,
    Scottlo is just alright, oh yeah,
    Scottlo is just alright

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