Blue Suede MOOCs

MOOC: Education's El Dorado?

I can’t find the link for it now but I read in the Twitter yesterday that some tycoons were going to pay $60,000,000 dollars for the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at MIT and Harvard. Seems they think there might be some way to double their money or something because the MOOCs are getting a lot of attention. Judging by the excited words I’ve seen scroll by on the Twitter and the Google Plus, one would think this was some kind of bolt of lightening from a blue sky (bolt from the blue).

I must confess that I don’t know enough about how the education racket works to be put forward any meaningful commentary or analysis. But as all the chatter was happening yesterday and today, I really wanted to weigh in the matter. If I knew enough about the inner workings of finance and capital to sound convincing, I might be able to offer some investment advice to the punters.

Fortunately my knowledge of Rock-n-Roll and my brief experience in the ds106 does provide a bit of an in to this titillating discussion about how the tycoons are throwing money around like drunken sailors. The idea to rework the 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong album cover came the moment I read sixty million dollars (I was like wow, that’s a lot of money). But for some reason I hesitated.

It wasn’t until I saw Alan’s brilliant Sixty Million Dollar MOOC video┬áthat I realized I better move quick. I imagine before too long we’ll here somebody saying he predicted this thing back in 2011 or something. Now more than ever it seems that Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni were right when they said:

Dog eat dog eat dog eat dog
Eat dog eat dog eat dog
Leap frog the dog
And brush me Daddy-O


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