TDM/7300 Beta Test

Inspired by Lisa’s awesome work in bringing historical texts to life through current web animation tools, I decided to experiment with GoAnimate to introduce the amazing mp3 file Bill was able to capture while trying to build the machine from Dr. Nakamatsu’s 2004 block diagram.

TDM/7300 DEMO by scottlo on GoAnimate

Below is Bill’s recent announcement in its entirety:

The diagrams you gave me of Dr. Nakamatsu’s unique radio device are quite complex, even Byzantine. However, I was able to kluge together part of the tuning section. In a trial I attached it to a standard Japanese 1960s vintage 6-transistor radio. The results are attached as a mp3 file of about 1’39″ duration. As best I can determine it was picking up radio from the 1930s to the 1960s. Perhaps the near limit is determined by the vintage of the radio, but due to changes in radio technology that occured after the ’60s, I am not yet able to connect the TDM/7300 tuner to a newer radio. In fact, I am seeking an even older, vacuum tube model, which my theory indicates will give virtually unlimited temporal range.

On today’s installment of BluePhase, I intend to play Bill’s startling recording of his early reception test. With any luck at all, I’m hoping Bill will be able to join an upcoming transmission to demonstrate a fully functional TDM/7300. Thanks and good luck Bill!

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