BluePhase Episode 006


This recording is from October 4, 2013 and aired live on ds106radio.

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4 thoughts on “BluePhase Episode 006

    • Thanks Woyteac,

      It’s fun and feels like it’s finally getting close to a sound I’ve been seeking for a long time – as you know.

      Hope you can join live someday and share some of your thoughts and/or sounds.

  1. Just getting into W.C. Fields. Used a line of his recently in a seminar I was giving. “First thing I do each morning is smile. Get it out of the way.” I almost got a standing ovation…

    - Karamoon

  2. Hey, Scott, I was listening again to this fine podcast, and wanted to point out that your self-censorship regarding a line in the Firesign Theatre piece was unfounded. The misheard word is bucko. Here is the actual dialogue:

    BABE: Can I get Duluth on it?
    RALPH: Duluth, bucko! You can get Tierra Del Fuego!

    Bucko is a slang word, perhaps of Irish origin, referring to a young man.

    Keep talkin’,

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