BluePhase Episode 004


This recording is from September 27, 2013 and aired live on ds106radio.

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3 thoughts on “BluePhase Episode 004

  1. Re: listening live or listening recorded. Christina hit the mark! The mindset is different when listening to you (or anything, for that matter) live compared to listening to a recording. For the BluePhase transmissions, live gives a certain excitement of “what will happen next?” Even anticipation about the transmission occuring, or switching times. With a recording, the listener knows it happened, the time doesn’t matter, and there is control over when to listen, and how much at a time.
    Personally, I try to listen live, though I am usually distracted with other activities and people. Monday I was driving to a job in another town, and was futzing with my cell phone to try to get good signal and try to use Bluetooth with my car sound. I was using the TuneIn app to stream, but it did cut out a few times out in the countryside of sporadic cell coverage. Plus I needed a certain amount of my attention on the road. Then I listened to the recording in my hotel room, after a late dinner with colleagues. I’m not sure I was fully concentrating, full of Thai food and beer, thoughts of the evening, and tired from it all.
    Today, I listened to most of the (time-shifted) transmission, but when my wife came into the room I must admit I gave her more attention than you. Fortunately you put up the recording prior to my workday beginning, so I listened to some of it on my commute, and the rest at work while grading tests.
    I guess daydreaming didn’t really apply here, just distractions of my environment, activity, and people.
    And I do think the recordings are valuable as archives for future listening. You never know who might listen and learn something. On my drive back home Tuesday, I listened to a recording from 1987 of Allen Ginsberg teaching a class on Poetics. I was glad to learn a few things, to hear him reciting and explicating various lines to the students. He never realized that I would be listening, but he knew the recording was being made.
    Next BluePhase I will be listening at work, in my office, preparing for a new class that starts next week.

    • Thanks Bill. You make several good points. The one that touches me the most is at the end about Ginsberg never realizing who would listen and when. Actually, that is one of the reasons that has driven me to take down most everything I’ve recorded in the past.

      Perhaps I should re-consider this drive.

      It is affirming to discover that someone listens to and gets something from these captured moments of sound.

  2. Well, you can choose what to do with your own creative work ;)

    I think there is a difference between what was done by Ginsberg in speaking to a class, and what you are currently doing, and did on many of your previous podcast series. Perhaps we can say your work is more ephemeral. Yet, as a recording of your personal history, an expression of your life, the recordings show snippets. Not quite the whole story, but a created construct we call Scottlo. Perhaps fictional elements (you trickster) thrown in.

    Maybe this is some of the thinking going on with Domain of One’s Own, teaching folks the importance of attempting some form of control over their digital identity.


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