BluePhase Episode 011

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This podcast was recorded in two parts. First was a drive to work this morning in which I tried to provide an update on the ongoing reclamation project. It turns out that there are nearly 200 recordings I’ve made over the past decade now available on this blog. During the drive, while trying make sense of what I’ve been doing I mentioned an old note I discovered last night that pointed to an old Jean Shepherd radio program that I listened to at some point in the past through Max Schmid’s Mass Backwards podcast. And because the topic of that 1968 radio show pertained to some of what I’ve been experiencing lately, I decided to listen to again last night.

In that episode, Shepherd spoke about Krapp’s Last Tape and Vic and Sade. By the time I arrived at the teaching factory where I work, I realized I was becoming confused about when I heard the Shepherd recording and how it might have influenced my listening habits and thoughts about recorded audio in the intervening time. So I played an excerpt from Shepherd talking about Krapp.

The second part of the podcast is a monolog I did later this evening after doing a bit of research into the various points that came up during the morning drive. The result of that brief research is that I find myself in way over my head. And then I remembered what it was that I’d originally intended to talk about before getting distracted by Shep’s show from ’68 this morning. And that topic was the experience of relistening to an old Tokyo Calling episode which I also listened to last night.

Ultimately the thing ended with a whole bunch of loose ends that hopefully can be tied up this Friday at 19:30 AST live BluePhase transmission on ds106radio.

At some point toward the end, I think I recommended a fun sight for listening to old time radio. On that site is also a link to a pretty nifty app for listening to the same archive.

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