BluePhase – Episode 010

The previous post referred to Bill‘s amazing work in building a prototype version of Dr. Nakamatsu’s TDM/7300 multiplex radio tuner. It’s hard to imagine that he will likely have a fully functioning version ready before year’s end. What a treat it was to be able to play his initial recording of his first temporal bandwidth live on ds106radio. And that’s not all there is to look forward to on the BluePhase.

As mentioned in the final segment, Lisa and Tim have agreed to appear on future episodes to talk about voicing primary documents and reclaiming online content respectively. I can’t wait for the chance to visit with these two awesome innovators. Subscribing to podcast will ensure that you don’t any of the awesomeness to come.

A request was also made for interested listeners to produce reviews of favorite podcasts to be played on upcoming installments. David is onboard to talk about one of his favorite podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale. And I hope to soon be able to review a podcast episode Bryan Alexander recently recommended.

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  1. Hi Scott!

    I think I might be the secret listener from Indonesia! :) I am in Bali now where I will stay for the next few months trying to escape european autumn and winter.

    Great tunes by the way!

    keep on podcasting!
    best wishes,

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