BluePhase Episode 009

image by blamb

image by blamb

The entire run of Tokyo Calling podcasts – save episodes 61-65 – along with original blog posts is once again online. Confronting the personalized memoir format of the various audio journal projects I’ve dabbled in over the years might not be the healthiest way to spend my time. But I remain committed to the deeper purpose of archiving all of this stuff in one place.

One intention in recording this podcast while driving to work at 140 km/h today was to draft a blog post that would help to document the process of completing this first phase of the Tokyo Calling Reclamation over the past week. Instead, I found myself trying to explain why I feel the need to build this archive at this time. It wasn’t a surprise to again trace the genesis of the idea to the Monday morning brainstorming session in Fredericksburg, Virginia earlier this month.

It was surprising, however, to hear myself blurt out the story of being identified as the “Tokyo Calling Dude” by an irrepressible Twitter and web luminary later that same morning. And in some twisted way, the idea of being the “Tokyo Calling Dude” really appeals to me. But if the recordings aren’t available online then there doesn’t seem to be any justification for being identified thusly. So it’s beginning to sound like I’m saying that this archival project is all part of some big ego trip.

And there’s probably some merit to that.

Hopefully, though, I think there might be something a bit more worthwhile at play here. For whatever reason, I decided several years ago to conduct a personal journey in a public way. Is only over the course of the past few months that I’ve come to appreciate a value trying to connect the various components that I previously felt the need to withdraw or keep separate. Said another way, I don’t see any way for this journey to progress in ways I hope to unless there clear path to where it began.

Another intention in turning on the audio recorder this morning was preview the upcoming episode of BluePhase which will be on ds106radio this Friday. I hope at that time to get off the current self-absorbed narrative arc and shine the spotlight on recent batch of audio awesomeness that comprised ds106 Headless Radio Shows. So between then and now, I know what I’m going to be listening to (and it’s not the audio linked to below). I hope you find time to do the same.

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One thought on “BluePhase Episode 009

  1. Luminary, huh? Aww, shucks. You know, life can be serendipitous, and I believe our meeting was just meant to be, on so many levels. I love that you’ve decided to curate Tokyo Calling and bring it back for others to experience. I’m not sure I have the guts to bring back our vodcast just because it’s — for lack of a better term — one seriously hot mess. It’s because of people like you, Tokyo Calling Dude™, who are willing to be transparent and open, that opens up possibilities to others a bit more risk adverse. I don’t think of it as an ego trip as much as it is simply being authentic online and living out loud. Of course, now I’ve got a blog post writing itself in my head. Suppose I should get on that over on my space.

    Keep trailblazing, my new friend.

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