BluePhase Episode 007


As mentioned here yesterday, this week marks nine years since the first episode of the Tokyo Calling podcast. In this episode, in addition to playing some old time music and a 1963 clip from Jean Shepherd, I played the first mention anywhere of Dr. Nakamatsu’s TDM/7300 from November 2004.

One of the exciting developments from my recent week in Virginia was to meet up with an electronics enthusiast who says he might be able to build a working version of Dr. Nakamatsu’s satellite radio receiver thing from the schematic diagrams I’ve been carrying for all these years. With luck, we might be able to talk about this in the future and hopefully play some of the amazing radio signal the device is reputed to be able receive. Stay tuned.

An attempt was also made to explain my take on the recent reclaim craze that has been sweeping the web. It was a Monday morning brainstorming session, one week ago today, in UMW’s ThinkLab that enabled me to finally begin to think I might understand what all the hubbub is, bub. The problem, I’m not yet up to the task of explaining it in any coherent way – as evidenced in the recording.

Fortunately, Jim Groom framed the issue and it’s various facets in his usual effervescent way, just today. It is certainly worth checking out. And if you want a real good time, check out the double-barreled backhand compliments for Jim’s post and other matters in commentary at OLDaily.

For those unable to use the FlashPlayer below, a link to the BluePhase 007recording is provided.

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5 thoughts on “BluePhase Episode 007

  1. Nice to hear Jean Shepherd. I remember his Phantom of the Open Hearth from my childhood, but I never got to experience his radio show.

  2. Samuel Johnson once said “Only a fool podcasts for anything but money.”

    Looking forward to the Tokyo Calling CDs.

    - Karamoon

  3. What a trip! Thanks Scott for sharing previously unknown (to me) early beginnings of TC!
    I would definitely enjoy tuning in to some of those young episodes I didn’t manage to catch.
    It would also be interesting to hear ‘director’s commentary’ track over the selected episodes from the past too.

    I think it would be way more interesting to publish original show notes rather than redone spreadsheet

    BTW: Did you get a chance to listen to Bicyclemark talking to Frank Edward Nora? I thought you might like it.

    • Thanks Woyteac. Yes, I heard that Mike and Frank had gotten together to make a recording but I’ve not yet made time to listen.

      At this very moment, I’m following your great suggestion to put the old TC blogposts up here at SRB. If you check the archive button in the sidebar you should see stuff from 2004 and 2005. The audio from these episodes, which are stored on the Amazon S3 thing, can be heard through the Flash Player. I wonder if they’ll show up on the feed.

      Anyhow, I think I should write a blog post to describe the process and tools being used. As always, stand by…

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